Stone Age People Did Not Have Culture

Stanford university is considering a course in Western Civilization — I’ll bet you thought there was a course in that but there hasn’t been since the 60s. There is opposition to this from students who claim that studying Western Culture is studying racism and imperialism.
The Know Nothings have learned nothing, and object to studying anything that might challenge their preconceived ideas. They celebrate “cultures” that never invented the wheel or developed a written language in America, in Polynesia and in Africa — while downgrading the Western culture that gave those Stone Age people what little advancement they have, and gave the students the culture that surrounds them — and more advanced by thousands of years! 

These students need to be divided into three groups — one group inserted into the jungle ofNew Guinea, a third into the Amazon jungle with their remaining Stone Age people, and the last third into Central Africa. After three months of experiencing no Western clothing, electricity, phones, medicine, military protection etc, the groups should switch with another group. 

After the academic year is finished, the students can spend a following semester discussing the results of their cultural exchange, and the superiority of Western Culture. Any student not agreeing with Western Culture should be given a one-way ticket back to the Stone Age culture of their choice.

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