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I don’t often do this, but…here is a post from Wayne Dunlap, whom I have never met…but he can write!

What do you think about this scam $Billionaire team owners have done to Millions of Americans?

$Billionaires set up an organization to make $100’s Millions every year with their workers making $Millions. We, the public, spent many $Billions across America to help build their places of business and gave them free of charge many $Millions worth of prime public land. The public does this because the $Billionaires spent the highest amount of political advertising ever in local elections to convince them that they do not live in a real city without their product and make huge false claims that it make good economic sense for public funding when numerous economic studies show it doesn’t make sense, usually by a wide margin, because there are just 10 events/year with low paying jobs and other events used to possibly help justify it can be done at other places already built.
Then we also spent $100’s of Millions of additional public funds (taxes) to maintain and upgrade their places of business, provide the necessary surrounding infrastructure, train their workers at public expense in our colleges and high schools, provide extra police protection, and give them a very large amount of free advertising on our public airways from our news organizations. Because their business is very dangerous, many of their workers suffer severe body and brain injuries ruining many lives and increasing heath care costs also paid by the public. All this so these $Billionaires get to keep most of the $100’s Millions of annual profit and have their net worth increased by $Billions. 
Wow!… Americans would never go for this huge very expensive Corporate giveaway that provides them so few economic benefits. Well, they have already convinced probably about 100 million Americans (many just getting by) to do so. They named it the “National Football League” – NFL for short.


The intelligence world is built on a single word: Deception.
The FBI has announced that they no longer need Apple’s help in cracking the iPhone of the Santa Barbara terrorists.

The FBI says a third party provided the key to crack the phone, and the rumor is that it is an Israeli firm. 
There are many potential answers, and almost certainly the proffered answer is not accurate. Apple could have provided the answer, but to protect their sales base, the FBI gave Apple cover by leaking that it was a third party. NSA could have provided the answer, but laid off the credit so as to keep their capability cloaked. 

And, of course, it could be that an Israeli firm provided the clue.

Remember Stuxnet? That was the computer program cyber attack on the centrifuges that Iran was using to concentrate their weapons grade Uranium. That attack destroyed thousands of Iranian centrifuges, and as they spun themselves to death, the monitors of the Iranian Control Room read that everything was normal. The best estimate is that the computer program took thousands of highly trained computer programmers several months to construct.

Obviously, only nations have those kinds of capabilities, and the best guess is that Stuxnet was a joint Israeli and American endeavor…but then, who knows?

And, similarly, who knows how the Apple iPhone was cracked? It almost certainly was not what is being offered in the press.

The Nation Has Seriously Devolved!

On this date in 1945, the Marines secured Iwo Jima. The 27 Marines who were given the Congressional Medal of Honor on Iwo Jima were about the same age as these Emory students, who are now afraid of chalk, and a presidential candidate’s name.
The nation has seriously devolved! 

Seriously devolved!


Walid Phares, Trump foreign policy advisor told NPR, that we should pay too much attention to what Trump says in the political season, because as president, Trump will be constrained by his advisors.
That’s both good news, and bad. Good, because if Trump wins, he may not be as bad as he seems, but bad because he is dissembling as a candidate, and his supporters are eating up every word.

Perhaps he won’t actually order his military to commit War Crimes. Perhaps he won’t order something worse than waterboarding.

 Perhaps, but I’m not taking a chance — I have noted a strange reluctance for staff and military to resign in protest — but all seem perfectly happy to criticize a president in books after the staff positions go away!

I don’t believe a Trump staff will be any more brave than has been an Obama staff. In my experience with the support of the CO on the USS Pueblo (AGER-2) it was very obvious to both me and the CO’s wife that many of his “friends” melted away when the seizure became controversial — lest their careers be in jeopardy.

Courage is always the product in shortest supply.

The Judges Rule!

Overshadowed by the Belgian terrorism was a unanimous ruling by the three-Judge panel of the US Federal Sixth Court of Appeals — a spanking of the US Department of Justice and the IRS in harsh words seldom heard:
“The lawyers in the Department of Justice have a long and storied tradition of defending the nation’s interests and enforcing its laws — all of them, not just selective ones — in a manner worthy of the Department’s name. The conduct of the IRS’s attorneys in the district court falls outside that tradition, “We expect that the IRS will do better going forward.”  

Judge Raymond Kethledge wrote in a unanimous opinion.

The Court ordered a list of the conservative groups who were the victims of the disproportionate IRS Investigation.

The judges are doing the work of a lazy Congress.


Expand Human Intelligence!

Everyone knows we are next, and no one pretends that we have a handle on domestic terrorism. 
And if we are behind the power curve, Europe is in the Dark Ages! Europe is catatonic, placed there by the twin evils of Multiculturalism and political correctness, and when combined with an effete counterintelligence service, disaster arrives without effective opposition.

With 50-state investigations going on in the US, the Santa Barbara terrorists still struck, unimpeded. No counterintelligence service can be perfect, but in WWII the FBI rolled up the entire German spy network in a single evening.

Our problem is that Congress has not declared war. It should. It would free up the legal barriers to jailing or deporting (or both) people who have even a smidgen of evidence against them. At the very least there must be sufficient evidence for a search warrant. The search warrant will determine if the individual is watched, jailed or deported.

 (Or perhaps all of the above.)

Belgium is not just the home of the Belgium airport and subway terrorists, but of the French music venue and the restaurant as well. Obviously, the French and Germans are going to use their expertise to get this Belgium problem under control, but none of those who committed this bombing had any terrorism record. 

Neither did the Santa Barbara attackers. Surveillance is not useful against deep sleeper cells. Only human intelligence within the community of interest has a chance of working.

It’s Called Hubris!

Trump is announcing his National Security Team, right after he announced that he was going to ignore them because he has a “good brain” and he is his own top advisor.

His megalomania knows no bounds, and like Obama, he is immune to his policy advisors, because he considers himself the Smartest Guy In The Room.

It matters not who is on the Foreign Policy Team, the Economics Team, the Terrorism Team, the Domestic Policy Team, etc. — their advice might just as well be placed in a bottle and floated in the Atlantic. The Smartest Guy In The Room, whether Obama or Trump, is going to do what he wants to do, and everyone is to fall in line even before they express their individual or collective recommendations. 

We can see in the current administration, in the withdrawal from Iraq, the support of mobs in Egypt and Libya, that this does not work. The problem is that there is no feedback loop, so the Smartest Guy in the Room never learns.

It’s called Hubris, and Obama and Trump have more than their full share.