Not The Republican Party…The Party of Trump!

I thoroughly dislike Trump, but given the choice of socialism or capitalism, I choose capitalism.

Given the choice of someone who abandons men in the heat of battle and gives away our hIgh value secrets, and someone who has to look up the KKK, the choice becomes clearer.

The good news is that whomever wins, the Congress will be poised –indeed anxious — to Impeach! The president’s crown will sit lightly.

Yes, this election may well be the demise of the Republican Party, but political parties have failed before, and something new has arisen. The nation appears to be splitting between Socialists and semi-Socialists. It has always been my contention that as the Democratic Party moved further left, their ranks would thin because we flirted with actual Communism in the 30s, and many people have learned their lesson.

I was wrong! The Left’s capture of the education establishment has brought a phalanx of Young Socialists that has overwhelmed even the Democrats Liberal establishment. The Republican establishment is not the only one overwhelmed, but the Democrats have more easily co-opted Socialism. 

The Republicans have never been the party of Capitalism, they have been the party of Wall Street. 

Yes, there is a difference.

The problem for the Republicans is that Trump is not the candidate of Capitalism — he is the candidate of Trump!

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