Blame Obama, Boehner, McConnell, and Ryan!

Republicans appear to wish to burn down the house to kill the roaches.
I understand the anger — first at Obama, and, having overturned both houses of Congress to counter him, at the Republican leadership for thwarting that revolution.

The nation now must suffer because of three, perhaps four people: Obama, McConnell, Ryan and Boehner. Only one is a Democrat!

Trump and Cruz are the two leading candidates only because the three Republicans screwed up this nomination like a soup sandwich — and I am not certain that they understand what they did — but it may be that only if McConnell and Ryan openly apologize and resign can this fiasco be salvaged.

If they don’t resign, Trump is likely to be the nominee and lose big time to whomever is the Democrat nominee — I still suspect it will be Biden. Biden will be a disaster, but he will not be so careless as to give away national security secrets. Biden is an honorable man — on the wrong side of just about every issues, but an honorable man.

Trump is such a self-damaged candidate that he is incapable of becoming someone acceptable to the majority of voters. I don’t know if he wants to try, he is too accustomed to being Trump — a caricature of “The Ugly American,” the brash, loud, rich, vulgar American tourist seen in Europe right after WWII.

I fear for America. We do not deserve Trump, or Hillary or Sanders, or Biden for that manner. I am not all that sanguine about Cruz for that matter, but he has a better chance to beat a Democrat, and after eight years of Obama, that should be the best reason if not the only reason. 

In my 82 years, ALL presidential elections have been a reaction to the previous administration, and this one is no different, but that is a given…the Republican establishment this time is what was different.

Of course Boehner is gone, but Ryan and McConnell probably do nor realize that they are responsible for Trump and Cruz, although they are. The Republicans tried to respond to Obama, but Ryan and McConnell were part of the “go along to get along” Washington norm rather than challenge as they were elected.

Trump or Cruz would overturn that norm, but right now I do not see a path to their election. Yes, Trump is responsible, but by his True Believers think that he can win.

There is nothing in view that supports that position.

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