It Has Begun. Again!

Ahhh…the Russians are still spying on us, Evgeny Buryakov was arrested just last month and is expected to plead guilty. Two others had diplomatic immunity…but none of that is my fear
No, most spying is done electronically — but espionage, doing physical damage covertly, requires human resources, and one of the stated objects of this financial spy ring was to recruit.

I have written the Short History of Russian Spying on my website (, and it goes all the way from the 30s to the pretty Anna Chapman. But my fear is that we are in the same sort of system as the 30s with socialism on college campuses, and Socialists winning big in politics.

The Russians were able to recruit among the young idealists, and the Russian spies were able to hide successfully among the youth.

To be fair, there is no direct correlation between the 30s and today. The students in the 30s were ideologues, steeped in Russian Communism and fed a constant love of Russia. 

Today’s college students couldn’t, literally, find Russia on a map, and indeed can’t define Socialism. They are Socialists as a college lark, but if Bernie Sanders continues to get support, the support for actual Socialism may develop.

Insurgencies begin because the insurgents can “swim” in the sea of support. While we are not yet there, nothing comes full-blown from the brow of Zeus, like Athena. It begins small, and from experience, I can tell you it has begun

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