Nothing a Few Expulsions Won’t Fix!

It’s not just Trump rallies — it’s everywhere and It must be turned around…it is coming from a few college campuses. 
Expulsions are in order! A few college administrators are starting to get spinal injections of epoxy, because they face the University of Missouri problem if they don’t get it under control — that university has 1,500 fewer admissions for next year facing them because of the now departed Professor Click’s call for “muscle.”

The loss of 1,500 student enrollees has caused announced cutbacks in almost every department, and other colleges and universities have taken note. As parents abandon the riotous campuses, and Alumni pull their financial support, even leftist professors and administrators take note.

It is too late, as it happens. The cancer of Black Lives Matter on campus has metastasized to the streets, and political rallies are their new target. We saw this at the Trump rally in Chicago, where some idiot planner decided that the proper venue for a Trump rally was the campus of the University of Chicago, which is filled with Bernie Sander’s supporters and Black Lives Matter activists. 


The administration of Western Washington University is at least telling students that their demands for a separate college of social activism, run by the students, was not going to happen. The students wanted to be able to hire and fire the professors at that College of Special Snowflakes!

 Finally,the students demanded too much. I was wondering how much was too much!

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