Brazil is in Meltdown

There is something going on in the Americas that is being ignored — or at least what we are concentrating on about Brazil, the fully polluted harbor and beach of Rio de Janeiro for our Olympic swimmers and rowers, or even the Zika virus which infects that slum the Brazillians call a city, is not the story!
No, I am talking about the tumultuous politics of Brazil, as evidenced by MILLIONS of protestors who are in the streets demanding impeachment of the president, Rousseff, for corruption, and Rousseff just appointed a past president, Lula Silva, as Chief of Staff. Silva, a former union head, is likewise charged with corruption, and colluding with the current president, and appointing Silva grants him immunity from prosecution, except by the Supreme Court!

And you think the U. S. has rough, corrupt politics?

So, here is the Hemphill Theory of Oil in the Americas: if a Central or South American Socialist country has oil, corruption on a grand scale is inevitable.

Breaking: A judge has halted the appointment of Silva.

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