Stealing North Korean Symbols?

Hey, I’m going to North Korea and steal a slogan! 
What could go wrong in a country that slipped over the fence of the DMV and beheaded an American soldier, shot down and killed the crew of an American EC plane, captured the USS Pueblo with 82 men and tortured them for 11 months, and lights off atomic weapons in violation of signed treaties?

(I was the only non-family member permitted to be on the Tarmac when the Pueblo crew returned. The CO, CDR. “Pete” Bucher, a friend and former shipmate for whom I acted as family spokesman at his request from NK prison, came off the plane at 126 pounds, fattened up from 96 pounds for PR purposes — his normal weight was 210 pounds. Once released, the Navy had to rebuild his face.)

And this idiot, one of our Special Snowflakes, thinks NK is vacation spot from which he can filch a government slogan? I earned my first three Battle Stars as an Enlisted Man in the Korean War at age 17, and these are rattlesnake-mean people — don’t they teach these college kids ANYTHING?

Of course the answer is, apparently…no

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