The Inevitable Chapter 11 Reorganization of the Republican Party

I wonder if the idiots blocking highways and shouting down Trump, realize they are electing him? I suspect they are as much anti-First Amendment True Believers as are the TrumpBots, who are authoritarian? It certainly leaves me as conflicted in choosing sides as would a Trump/Clinton or a Trump/Biden choice!
The Republican Party should be defending Trump’s First Amendment rights, but it is so enraged with losing its political Muse powers, that it is silent.

We are seeing the demise of the Republican Party, regardless of what happens to Trump. If Trump doesn’t win, so many of Trumps new supporters will bail that the Democrats will win. 

Certainly a new Republican Party will emerge from the ashes. There is nothing to say that political parties shall last forever.

The Republican Party deserves their Chapter 11 Reorganization to follow the election, regardless of the results. The Republican Party placed every roadblock into the path of the conservative forces that gave the Republicans their House and Senate the majorities — the Establishment types said,”You conservatives just sit down, and let us experienced adults with experience continue to run this, but thank you for giving us power. Now sit down.”

Even when the conservatives overthrew Boehner, the Establishment said, “accept Ryan, and shut up” — the natives who brought the constantly downgraded House and Senate elected members, could not contain the people in 50 states who brought that overthrow of the House and Senate. They hired a “gunslinger” who could not be bought off by the Establishment — Donald Trump.

The natives are restless. They have bought all the pitchfork at WalMart, and they are heating tar and plucking feathers. 

McConnell and Ryan cannot staunch this wave…

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