It’s Called Hubris!

Trump is announcing his National Security Team, right after he announced that he was going to ignore them because he has a “good brain” and he is his own top advisor.

His megalomania knows no bounds, and like Obama, he is immune to his policy advisors, because he considers himself the Smartest Guy In The Room.

It matters not who is on the Foreign Policy Team, the Economics Team, the Terrorism Team, the Domestic Policy Team, etc. — their advice might just as well be placed in a bottle and floated in the Atlantic. The Smartest Guy In The Room, whether Obama or Trump, is going to do what he wants to do, and everyone is to fall in line even before they express their individual or collective recommendations. 

We can see in the current administration, in the withdrawal from Iraq, the support of mobs in Egypt and Libya, that this does not work. The problem is that there is no feedback loop, so the Smartest Guy in the Room never learns.

It’s called Hubris, and Obama and Trump have more than their full share.

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