The F1 Racing Season Begins

While you may not follow Formula One racing, but this year there is an American team for the first time in 30 years — the Haas F1 team, yes the same Haas that has been in NASCAR for years.
George Haas knows that his knowledge of racing will help, but he has to up his skills to compete in international open wheel racing. In his initial year, the Haas Fi cars will race with Ferrari engines, transmissions, and running gear. 

George Haas is suitably impressed with the precision of engines that produce about 1,000 HP from a tiny 1.6 liter turbocharged engine. Has says the engines are like a “fine Swiss watch” well, that’s if the watch cost more than a million dollars apiece!

Even though there is an American team, there are still no American drivers on any team. I would love to see an American-built engine and an American driver — perhaps in time.

Oh, yes, the race: the Haas F1 team scored an amazing sixth place, for the best results of a new team since Toyota tried their hand (unsuccessfully) at F1 more than a decade ago…their second car was involved in a spectacular crash. No bad for an initial race. 

The other news is that Mercedes finished 1,2 as usual, but Ferrari obviously has the pace this year to challenge the Mercedes team. They ran off and hid until one car had an engine fire, and the other a mishap in the pits with a tire.

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