Expand Human Intelligence!

Everyone knows we are next, and no one pretends that we have a handle on domestic terrorism. 
And if we are behind the power curve, Europe is in the Dark Ages! Europe is catatonic, placed there by the twin evils of Multiculturalism and political correctness, and when combined with an effete counterintelligence service, disaster arrives without effective opposition.

With 50-state investigations going on in the US, the Santa Barbara terrorists still struck, unimpeded. No counterintelligence service can be perfect, but in WWII the FBI rolled up the entire German spy network in a single evening.

Our problem is that Congress has not declared war. It should. It would free up the legal barriers to jailing or deporting (or both) people who have even a smidgen of evidence against them. At the very least there must be sufficient evidence for a search warrant. The search warrant will determine if the individual is watched, jailed or deported.

 (Or perhaps all of the above.)

Belgium is not just the home of the Belgium airport and subway terrorists, but of the French music venue and the restaurant as well. Obviously, the French and Germans are going to use their expertise to get this Belgium problem under control, but none of those who committed this bombing had any terrorism record. 

Neither did the Santa Barbara attackers. Surveillance is not useful against deep sleeper cells. Only human intelligence within the community of interest has a chance of working.

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