Walid Phares, Trump foreign policy advisor told NPR, that we should pay too much attention to what Trump says in the political season, because as president, Trump will be constrained by his advisors.
That’s both good news, and bad. Good, because if Trump wins, he may not be as bad as he seems, but bad because he is dissembling as a candidate, and his supporters are eating up every word.

Perhaps he won’t actually order his military to commit War Crimes. Perhaps he won’t order something worse than waterboarding.

 Perhaps, but I’m not taking a chance — I have noted a strange reluctance for staff and military to resign in protest — but all seem perfectly happy to criticize a president in books after the staff positions go away!

I don’t believe a Trump staff will be any more brave than has been an Obama staff. In my experience with the support of the CO on the USS Pueblo (AGER-2) it was very obvious to both me and the CO’s wife that many of his “friends” melted away when the seizure became controversial — lest their careers be in jeopardy.

Courage is always the product in shortest supply.

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