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I don’t often do this, but…here is a post from Wayne Dunlap, whom I have never met…but he can write!

What do you think about this scam $Billionaire team owners have done to Millions of Americans?

$Billionaires set up an organization to make $100’s Millions every year with their workers making $Millions. We, the public, spent many $Billions across America to help build their places of business and gave them free of charge many $Millions worth of prime public land. The public does this because the $Billionaires spent the highest amount of political advertising ever in local elections to convince them that they do not live in a real city without their product and make huge false claims that it make good economic sense for public funding when numerous economic studies show it doesn’t make sense, usually by a wide margin, because there are just 10 events/year with low paying jobs and other events used to possibly help justify it can be done at other places already built.
Then we also spent $100’s of Millions of additional public funds (taxes) to maintain and upgrade their places of business, provide the necessary surrounding infrastructure, train their workers at public expense in our colleges and high schools, provide extra police protection, and give them a very large amount of free advertising on our public airways from our news organizations. Because their business is very dangerous, many of their workers suffer severe body and brain injuries ruining many lives and increasing heath care costs also paid by the public. All this so these $Billionaires get to keep most of the $100’s Millions of annual profit and have their net worth increased by $Billions. 
Wow!… Americans would never go for this huge very expensive Corporate giveaway that provides them so few economic benefits. Well, they have already convinced probably about 100 million Americans (many just getting by) to do so. They named it the “National Football League” – NFL for short.

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