College Insanity Is Contagious

 Stanford University has not had a Western Culture Studies program for decades, but its students study the histories of Third World countries, and any reference to the West is about how the West has raped the pristine Americas! There is a move about on the Stanford campus to once again establish a study of Western Civilization. 

Our university insanity is apparently contagious, and has spread to Australia.

Australia? Yes, the University of New South Wales has published a Guide to Indigenous Terminology, in which it is advised that Captain Cook and the British “invaded” Australia, instead of “settled” or “discovered.”

I spend an inordinate amount of time online debating U.S. students who complain that the Europeans raped and plundered the Americas, but the Europeans were acting as was the norm for that day, and 99% of the indigenous Indians who died never saw a white man – they were killed by the diseases the Europeans brought, primarily Small Pox and Syphilis. 

Those deaths, like the similar deaths of native Hawaiians from the diseases of Westerners, was not purposeful, just the curse of genetics, but many U.S. students condemn the discovery of our entire continent. 

The Know Nothings have learned nothing, and object to studying anything that might challenge their preconceived ideas. They celebrate “cultures” that never invented the wheel or developed a written language, in the Americas, in Polynesia, and in Africa – while downgrading the Western Culture that gave those Stone Age people what advancement they have, and gave the students the culture that surrounds them – a culture more advanced by thousands of years! 

These students need to be divided into three groups – one group inserted into the jungle of New Guinea, one group into the Amazon jungle with their remaining Stone Age people, and the last group into Central Africa. After three months of experiencing no Western clothing, electricity, phones, medicine, military protection, etc., each group should switch with another group.

After the academic year is finished, the students can spend a following semester discussing the results of their cultural exchange, and the actual superiority of Western Culture. Any student not agreeing with Western Culture should be given a one-way ticket back to the Stone Age people they so much admire! 

I can’t tell you the number of people to whom I’ve suggested that they sign a Quitclaim Deed and donate their home to their local Indian tribe so as to assuage their guilt of living on “stolen land.”

To the best of my knowledge, none have done so. These people have been indoctrinated to hate their own country because of what our forebears did, and condemning our forebears for settling here, without admitting that they would not be here enjoying the benefits of Western Civilization had the past been different.

Have an Indigenous people discovered, or produced the iPad that the complainers are using to dash the West? Obviously not! Without Western Civilization, they would be using smoke signals or jungle drums to communicate.

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