Internet Archeologists?

Modern technology is permitting discoveries so fast that it is hard to even comprehend!Using Google Earth, and Egyptian Archeologist has discovered 17 Pyramids, more than 1,000 tombs and some 3,000 abandoned communities — now she may have discovered the second Viking settlement in North America. This sets off the question of who actually discovered America.

Sara Parcak observes minute changes in terrain and vegetation and gets clues that digging then confirms — and this Summer on-site digging will continue, but already digging has brought forth definite results, but confirmation of a second Viking settlement means there may be more.
Using LIDAR, the light-emitting penetration tool, Archeologists are looking underground at Stonehenge, and discovering entire lost cities in Cambodia and Central America because LIDAR can see through the jungle canopy.

Locations are being discovered faster than they can be explored, and in many cases the discoveries are being kept secret to keep grave robbers and artifact thieves, until the academic research can begin.

Meanwhile, the very thought of an Internet Archeologist is fascinating to my inquiring mind.

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