The Way It Stands…

Pressed by the famous lawyer Clarence Darrow in the Scopes Monkey trial regarding the date of the Great Flood, the equally famous orator William Jennings Bryant replied, “I don’t think about what I don’t think about.”
That is Trump’s problem…and there is much he doesn’t think about! The common opinion is that Trump had a bad week last week, which is an understatement, but it will not claw back his TrumpBots, but Trump needs far more than those to win an election and he is losing toes by the bunch.

Cruz is as much an outsider to Washington as is Trump, and to many he is almost as annoying. 


The difference is that Cruz is knowledgeable about issues. It is informative that he and Trump, two outsiders are running away with the nomination. That should be a message to the insiders of the Republican Party, but like the TrumpBots, the insiders of the Republican Party show no signs of weakening their position.

The Convention should be as exciting as a bar brawl, but in the end if Trump can’t win on the first two ballots the odds shift to someone better suited to defeat Hillary in November – Rubio/Kasich or Cruz in that order. Cruz being an outsider helps him today, but hurts him in the convention.

While there is no such combat predicted in the Democratic Party, the FBI is a wild card. I have no confidence that the Obama DOJ will indict under any circumstances, and the HillaryBots are as committed as TrumpBots, many Democrats would stay home if Hillary gets a bad FBI review.

I just smile that Formula One and the Padres have opened their seasons — I need a rest from politics.

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