Economic Warfare is the Trump Plan

As many of my readers know, I have a long history of dealing with illegal Mexican aliens, so I know first-hand about remittances, having taken many to the Western Union office to send remittances.
Trump is absolutely right that he could put a serious hurt on Mexico by restricting remittances — but it is a bank shot…he hurts individual poor families in Mexico’s rural interior that supply most of our Mexican laborer, and Trump believes that those illiterate and unrepresented Mexicans, will then rise up and demand the government fund the wall.

Wrong! The farm families in rural Mexico will just bow their heads and plow their fields. Only in the last few years have two or three rural communities risen up against cartels that have raped their women and killed their men — losing American dollars will hurt them, but not motivate them. They are passive by nature, seeking only to feed themselves.

The Mexicans I dealt with came from a tiny town in central Mexico, where my workers would use my phone to call the only phone in town. Someone would ride a donkey to the local ranch and tell the wife to come by donkey to the phone on a set time the following day. We are talking poor — dirt poor. They have neither time nor interest to rise up to pressure anyone!

Then there is a question of what happens if the Mexican government gets their backs up against the Trump pressure. We in Estados Unitas do not understand the Mexican government’s belief that we are the Empire, but they have a museum in Mexico City dedicated to American aggression, and Mexico will respond to Trump pressure by opening ports Russia and China. 

That ups the reaction, substantially. Is that a Trump legacy — economic war with the world?

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