1,237 Is the Number

Fish do not know that they live in water, and megalomaniacs don’t know what they don’t know. They think they know EVERYTHING! 
I am convinced that Saddam’s believed he had WMD. 

I am convinced that Kim Jon UN believes he can crush South Korea and the United States, or at least cause sufficient damage that we will surrender to North Korea.
Japan REALLY believed they could attack Pearl Harbor, and we would sue for peace. Admiral Yamamoto was the only voice of reason…

Donald Trump actually believes that Mexico will pay for the wall, that he can deport 11 million illegal aliens without hearings, and that he can get the US military to commit War Crimes through his superior leadership.

In part it is megalomania, but the Megalomania is supported, indeed reinforced by fawning staffs, who love their perks and are proud of their positions. Admittedly, Saddam’s military advisors would face a firing squad, as would Kim’s, if they dared tell the truth. Trump has no advisors, or at least none he would listen to — he says he is his own advisor. Obama’s advisors speak out only after they resign.

Staffs are not known for their honesty in office.

Trump is toast! He can’t get to 1,237 and that is the magic number. Don’t get there and there are rules that COULD make it impossible — and having insulted everyone in sight, he has made it impossible for himself. 

He gambled on 1,237, didn’t make it and now can’t make it. Foot stamping follows

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