Monkey Tossing?

I wish I had saved the blog entry I read several days ago so I could give the guy credit, but alas…so I’ll do my best to paraphrase him:
Mr. Trump, what do you think of “monkey tossing?”

Trump: Monkey tossing? I have tossed thousands of monkeys, and ahhh…we have the World Champion Monkey Tossing Team at my Trump headquarters — I bat cleanup on that monkey tossing team. I am the greatest monkey tosser in the world, absolutely the greatest…I can really toss monkeys, and they love me. Monkeys love me! They REALLY do! When I am elected president we are going to have a Department of Monkey Tossing — an AWESOME Monkey …the best monkeys, the best tosses, the best Tossing Department! And we will get Mexico to pay for it! We will…they will pay for it…the Mexicans. 

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