(Not So) Secret of Success: Read The Rules!

You have to learn the rules. I took a Los Angeles TV station’s management control away from a multi – billionaire by reading the by-laws, and Cruz is near to stopping the Trump Train by reading the rules.
(Business Week magazine called me five years ago to explain (again) how I stole management from my opponent, thirty five years ago. It was a bloodless coup — but it was classic, and all because I read the rules…and maneuvered it so the attorney opposing me didn’t have time to read the rules. My opposition was filthy rich, and stone brilliant…heavy-hitting Hollywood types and to all repute pretty nice guys, but they thought they had a rube Submariner with no corporate experience, so they underestimated me and they didn’t do their homework. Fatal.)

Kasich and Rubio relied on TV, Trump on name recognition and free media coverage, but Cruz read the rules and established a ground game to meet those rules. TV gets there early, ground game late There is no way for anyone to counter the huge advantage that Trump can gin up through his emotional TV appeal, accelerated by free TV, and Cruz can’t match that. But Cruz hired good ground managers who know what they are doing. 

Trump is doing that now, but even with his money he may find that he has too much ground to pick up — unless he can put this away quickly. 

Trump seems to think that anytime he loses that the game is crooked. It isn’t crooked, but it is rigged, and every state gets to “rig” their own — so you can’t run Colorado from the Trump Tower

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