No Cuts in the Submarine Budget!

Electric Boat in Groton, Connecticut is looking for qualified Submarine builders to support an 11% increase in the Submarine budget. While the rest of the Armed Forces are looking at cuts, even the Democrat Administration can see that Submarines are the part of the weaponry that is hardest to target.
Electric Boat is tasked to complete two Submarines a year, and that means thousands of jobs, which Community Colleges and Trade schools nationally are trying to fill. These can’t be your average garage welder so, and pipe-fitters, of course, Submarines operate at depths that put serious stresses on the boats and the crews.

Even at depths of about 400 feet that the WWII levels the Submarines I spent a decade serving on is too deep for recovering the crew in a Pacific Ocean accident or military encounter, but in the new Subs, keeping salt water away from Submariners is even more vital at thousands of feet depth. Just being at those depths is ultra dangerous, and when you add the speeds with which these modern nuclear submarines run, the stresses are enormous.

I know that those who watch movies believe that Submarines of the WWII vintage raced about the ocean, attacking ships…but we cruised at 3 knots, and could sustain 16 knots for 30 minutes. In truth, shipping had to run over a WWII Submarine, although a few daring Submarine Skippers surfaced and stop everything in sight. The Submarine was so low in the water, that they remained undetected, and the escorts shot at each other.

The new Submarines never surface except in port. I would give my right arm…

New submarines are on the way, and while I am technically Qualified For Command of Submarines, in truth I no longer would be able to determine the bow and the stern

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  1. Allen,

    You should be the skipper of a boat. It would be the best damned ship in the sea, that much is for sure.


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