“Anger Drained of Bravery”

“Anger drained of bravery” is a term by David French explaining Trump, and that sums it up. A draft dodger who dismissed POW John McCain as “no Hero” and says his great leadership will get our professional military to kill the families of terrorists.” 
Big talk for a draft dodger (X3. Perhaps four.)

Trump is masculinity on the cheap, not the masculinity of a Navy Seal, or even a Navy Supply Officer, just the masculinity of a guy in the bar who owns a big car, flashes a lot of money and calls women by demeaning names. Faux masculinity. Tough on Megyn Kelly, but Judge Judy would devour him before the first commercial.

In my opinion, the only woman he should be concerned with is Hillary Clinton, and Clinton is WAY ahead of him in every poll. EVERY POLL!

I have had a very successful (many) careers, NOT betting against the odds. As they say, “the race does not always go to the swiftest, or the battle to the strong, but that is the way to bet your money.”

The odds. Trump loses big to Hillary, Cruz is 1% point behind Hillary, but that is close enough for a win — but Kaisch beats Hillary by more than 10% points.


(Me too)

While I dislike Cruz’s religious bent, he is intellectually the smartest man ever to run for president, and is about tied with Hillary — but Kasich is probably the odds on favorite for the RNC, because he is a sure bet to beat Hillary. The RNC wants to beat Hillary, and Trump is so far behind that Republicans will lose not just the White House, but the House and Senate and Governorships as well.

We need to get our priorities in a row…

How did we get to the point where Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the two very best people in this very large nation are e very best people to lead a nation? Not just A nation, but the single most powerful nation in the world. EVER,

The mind boggles! Now obviously, Hillary, having spent years in the US Senate is absolutely better prepared to be president, but she belongs in jail for her private server/e-mail, and her appointments to the Supreme Court would be disastrous to the nation.

And so, I am stuck. Of course, Cruz COULD win the nomination, and save this nation, but that is unlikely. I have to rely on the Flying Spaghetti Monster, since I guess Superman and Batman are busy in Hollywood.

Trump has so many leftist, and anti conservative positions, that it is easy to predict a liberal/conservative alliance to impeach Trump within a year. Even the TrumpBots will have the scales fall from their eyes, when the Trump gaffes, not just humorous, are backed with the raw power of the federal government.

Be afraid. Be very afraid!

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