A Lesson In Justice

The Step Dad of Jahi Turner is in custody for Jahi’s death some 14 years ago, and that gives us an opportunity to revisit the lessons of the Van Dam murder case years ago.
You think that the jury is supposed to examine the information and come to a decision — but the jury is purposely denied vital information — information that the Defense, the Prosecution, and the Judge know, including absolute iron clad knowledge of the person’s guilt. The jury WILL NOT BE TOLD.

In the Danielle Van Dam case, the body had not been found, and the accused, David Westerfield, offered to tell the Prosecution where the body was if the death penalty was removed.

This offer was discussed with the Prosecutor in front of the Judge, so at that time EVERYONE in the Courtroom KNEW the accused was absolutely guilty because only the accused knew the location of the child’s body.

Now, as it happened, the public found the decomposed body before the deal could be struck, but STILL the jury was not told and could have found the accused Not Guilty while everyone else KNEW the accused was guilty!

Now, I understand the reason, and the reason is valid — that the Prosecutor has a tool to ease the tears of the victim’s family because they can get their loved ones properly buried.

I am not arguing that the Prosecutor shouldn’t have that power, but I am simply noting that our vision of justice is tainted by these cases. I do not believe that easing the tears of victim’s families is worth risking a guilty man walking, and never being able to hold him responsible.

That Va Dam scenario may play off again in this Jahi Turner case. Jahi’s bad you is still missing.

That’s my opinion. Your mileage may vary.

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