The Speech

O.K. I endured THE SPEECH!
Other than the obvious contradictions and the unicorn promises, which are the usual provinces of politicians, (and believe me Trump is a politician), THE SPEECH was exactly what one would expect from a Republican reacting to eight years of Democratic purposeful fumbling.

I say purposeful fumbling because I believe that Democrats believe in Income Redistribution on a grand scale. Democrats appear to believe that the United States has become Imperialistic, not through policy, but through a highly competitive culture, and that culture must be tamped down. It is a mirror image of the Japanese cultural collectivist concept of ” deru kugi wa utareru” (The protruding nail must be hammered down.)

Democrats have imbedded this collectivist concept all the way from childhood ideas of not keeping score, to academic “No Grade” to the international political idea of a diminished economic and military posture. 

Trump hopes to react by “Making America Great Again” and “America First” as a reaction to Obama’s “Apology Tour” and cutting our military virtually by half.

His rhetoric aside,bathe concepts are as American as Apple Pie, but his past behavior is anything but.

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