So, it’s Trump.For the first time in many decades, I will not be voting Republican. It is not out of frustration from supporting another candidate, it is my belief that Trump is not capable of being an American president…unless you are looking for a president whose last names were (Andrew) Johnson, or Jackson.

Jackson let all the yahoos into the White House for the inauguration, stealing the China and wrecking the chandeliers. Trump could trump that because he is as uncouth as Andy Jackson…no Trump is a draft-dodging, position changing, lying SOB, and only Hillary is worse. I am asked to choose between Ted Bundy and Charles Manson. 

Could a Trump grow into a decent president? Sure! I have seen flying fish and Manatees with my own eyes, and other things I would not believe without seeing it, so I am going to wait to see a successful Trump presidency. It has been my experience that politicians tell the truth about opponents. One needs to listen to the attacks, accept them as true, then pick which criminal one likes best!

That means it is highly unlikely that I will vote for Trump, and highly likely I will vote for the Libertarian candidate. If Trump beats Biden — I believe that Hillary will be indicted, and that Biden will try to save the Democrats — and Trump becomes president, then he could, could grow into the presidency, much as did Harry Truman. Harry Truman was a former machine Democrat, a suit salesman who became a decent president.

Truman hit above his weight as president. He was thrust into the presidency as a weak Vice-President to FDR, an uber-strong president. Truman was so weak that he didn’t even know that that the Atomic Bomb was being developed until just weeks before he had to use it.

Trump’s VP selection will be vital because I still predict that he will be impeached within the first year or two, but he may realize his vulnerability and pick a weak VP. That could be his poison pill.

If I didn’t have to submit an occasional column to my newspaper, I would comment only about the San Diego Padres, who are a loser in another dimension. I have never see so many batters whose batting average starts with the number “1.” 

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