Mary Matalin, who has served the Republican Party for decades, has changed her registration to the Libertarian Party, because, she says Republicans have lost their way as a party of small government
I was all-in for Goldwater in 1964! My wife ran one of his city headquarters, and he had the Republican Party solidly behind him — and all of our friends supported him.

Goldwater lost 49 states. 

The answer to success for any Republican is solid Republican vote, plus at least 60% of Independents. Trump has no solid Republican Party, and at best the Independents will sit on their hands.

Trump is making a YUUUUGE mistake. He should blow up the “establishment” AFTER he wins the election!

To win the election, Trump must have EVERY Republican vote, plus 60% on the Independents. Trump is shooting his potential friends before they could vote for him!

Disaster awaits! Both potential candidates are under serious legal attack — Clinton for callus disregard for national security, and Trump for fraud. Both potential candidates have greater than 50% UNFAVORABLE ratings. As one of the Facebook memes notes that the problem with this election is that one of the candidates must win!


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