Epstein Knows

It has been obvious from the beginning of the political season, that Donald Trump was the Silvio Berlusconi of American politics.
Now Silvio has been out of the international limelight for awhile during his forced community service for tax evasion. Before that he was a force in Italian politics — an ultra-rich media mogul, oversexed even by Italian standards, who loved VERY young girls and, so-called Bunga-Bunga parties. 

Yes, very young girls is another, less noted contact point. 

The parallel, and something neither the Clinton nor the Trump camp want to bring up is that both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump traveled to Jeffrey Epstein’s cozy little private island in the Caribbean, aboard Epstein’s private jet, dubbed the “Lolita Express.” 

Epstein probably has plenty in his head that could easily get him sprung from prison, where the Wall Street billionaire is serving time for tax evasion. Epstein could go free regardless of which person wins the White House! A spate of former underage girls are suing Epstein, and while none of the previous 15 year olds are naming names, yet, it could be very interesting.

Berlusconi assumes, correctly, that Italians don’t care about his sex life, but he erred about the public’s attitude about sex with children. Clinton and Trump have been directly and closely tied to Epstein, but not with any particular young girls. 

But Epstein knows, and he wants favors.


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