How Low Can He Go?

The Transgender issue cannot be about helping fewer than 1/2 of 1% of the population at the expense of the privacy the privacy rights of 99.5% of the population.
No, as bad as that is, and it is bad, the letter/directive/order/whatever is part of President Obama disrupting the social and cultural order of the nation. It follows closely on the push for gender equality which now runs up against drafting women, to releasing tens of thousands of felons, to failing to enforce existing law against Sanctuary City laws, to this pitting the rights of a few against the rights of the many.

So, why?

Some conspiracy theorists believe Obama is trying to beat the wasp nest in order to provoke the nutty Malita, so he can invoke martial law, stay in office and put political enemies in re-education camps. Some believe That Obama is throwing up Social Justice junk against the wall to see what sticks, in order to provide media cover for a coming negative FBI report on Hillary. Some think that Obama is just trying to enrage the Republican voting populace to get Trump nominated because the money in oddsmaker is heavily on Hillary.

Theses are not mutually exclusive. The downside from Obama’s standpoint is that the letter, while not specifically an order, was accompanied by a threat to withdraw federal funds that cannot be done, but the mere threat influences some pearl-clutchers.

I am not certain that the issue can be adjudicated because it is not a mandate. It is more like Trump’s “suggestion” about temporarily ending Muslim imports until we can sort thing out. 

But it is an interpretation of a law, Title 9. Congress could define the wording, because Congress passed the law, but the president would surely veto the interpretive bill. Still, that would put the onus on the president.

The results will certainly be to increase the number and population within private schools, and that has all sorts of positive and negative results.


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