Morning Musings

The bathroom controversy is just slightly overblown. 

It is a letter, not an order, a suggestion…sort of like Trump’s “Muslim ban” was a “suggestion.” 

It can’t be a law because Congress didn’t pass it. What it is, is a reinterpretation of a Title 9 ban on “sex discrimination” redefined (illegally, IMHO) to mean “sex identity discrimination.”

Note to Public Schools: Toss the letter in the trash and await a final judicial decision. (In California, a student’s parents must attest to the student’s sexual dysphoria, before school begins, and accommodations are made for use of the faculty, or Nurse bathroom.)


Venezuela is in free fall…Maduro has ordered martial law for 60 days because of civil unrest brought about by years of socialism. Government offices are only open two days a week, grocery shelves are empty, electricity is so spotty that the president has asked women to use hair dryers just two days a week. 

The inflation rate is predicted to reach 170% this year, and although the people have voted out the socialist Congress, President Maduro is in office until 2019.

That 2019 seems unlikely. Only the Army keeps Maduro in office, but it is likely that eventually the Generals will side with the people. Simply as a humanitarian issue, the United States should aid the people — but fears of Imperialism ties our hands.

How bad is it? The government can no longer pay international specialist printers to print more money!


This week, the first of my GrandDaughters graduates from college — and ignoring my advice as to a major, she picked Fine Art. 

Of the 29 in her graduating majors in Fine Art, as I predicted only three have a job — luckily she one of the three, and of the three, my Granddaughter has the highest starting salary by a wide margin. Obviously, she has talent!

That shows how much I know.


Republicans are far less tolerant of misbehavior in office!  The Democrats elected a Boston Mayor in jail, a Chicago Councilmember in jail, worship an impeached president who lost his law license for lying to a federal judge, elected a federal judge who had been impeached and removed from office to a Congressional seat (he is still in Congress)…

Nominating Hillary should be a piece of cake

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