“Circle the Wagons”

The Hillary personal server has been hashed to death by me, and there is no chance of the uninitiated to be further convinced…except for three new facts the State Department Inspector General’s report.
First, the fact that Hillary and her staff REFUSED to cooperate with the investigation, despite Hillary’s assertion that she would meet with anyone, anywhere on the subject.

Secondly, the IG reports that on two occasions, the State Department mentioned their concern that the personal server was a security breech, and on each occasion they were told the matter had the blessing of the legal staff and that the subject was not to be raised again. There is no record of the personal server having been approved by ANYONE, Hillary’s campaign assertions to the contrary notwithstanding.

And lastly, Hillary’s assertion that her server had not been attacked is at variance with her IT assistant’s testimony that he had to shut down her server twice because the server was under hacker attack.

In effect, Hillary lied at least three times. She needs to be called out on these immediately.

My guess is that she will refuse to discuss anything for awhile, then claim “old news.”

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