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This nation is fortunate to have public policy law firms that sue on behalf of people getting messed over by government or even private entities with power. Everyone knows about the ACLU, but they are not alone in the field.
The Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) is suing West Virginia because, they amazingly give veto power to existing, licensed moving companies to stop competitors from operating in West Virginia! Any existing firm can veto the application of an out-of-state operator. The PLF just won its eighth straight case before the Supreme Court, and that was a case where the Environmental Protection Agency claimed jurisdiction over a pond on a farmer’s property — and the EPA overreach was defeated by the Pacific Legal Foundation! A great win for private property rights!

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) has won 11 consecutive free speech lawsuits against state schools and colleges which had limited free speech, often conservative speakers. There is much more work to do in this field, and this is a target rich environment guaranteed to keep FIRE busy for decades.

Among the most active is Judicial Watch (JW). This organization, often in the news, has been on the case of the Clinton’s for decades, and is responsible for the finding of Hillary’s private server, and the often tardy and grudgingly released e-mails both from the Clinton server and from the State Department. JW is doing the work that Congress simply can’t or won’t do, because a Congressional Subpoena does not have the immediate jail time threat available to a Federal Judge.

And Judicial Watch just interviewed Cheryl Mills, the staff member of Hillary Clinton. They published the deposition on-line at $ and the body language will be visible if JW wins an appeal on keeping it private! JW will interview other staff members and indeed Hillary under oath in the next few weeks. All of these people refused to be interviewed by the State Department Inspector General!

Cheryl Mills testimony is at:


Well, they will answer questions put to them by Judicial Watch, or they will take the Fifth Amendment –either way would be devastating to the election of Hillary Clinton! Bryan Pagliano, who was granted immunity to testify to the FBI, will apparently refuse to answer questions in The Judicial Watch deposition scheduled June 6, and, he has directed that his deposition not be televised.

Cheryl Mills’ attorneys have similarly put a hold on the televised portion of the deposition noted above, and it contains almost 200 “I don’t recall” or I don’t know” but it remains to be seen whether the legal record will cumulatively impact the Democrats and drive Biden to enter the fray and save the Democratic Party!

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