In The Interim…

The “SuperDelegates” of the Democratic Party are inherently Undemocratic, but it has the advantage of getting Party graybeards to keep runaway demagogues from doing exactly how the Republican just behaved.
Representative Darrel Issa was an example of the problem. Longevity, money (probably the richest person in the House), national name identification — and he barely escaped a runoff. 

Trump celebrates his Republican victory, but Hillary got more votes over the past nominating season, and, absent a FBI bad report card, she will smash Trump in the finals, take the House and Senate, appoint many liberal members of the Supreme Court and crush the Republican Party for a generation.

Of course fate could intervene. The FBI, of course. The magma under Old Faithful. WWIII. The Republican Nominating Committee going rogue.

I don’t even want to imagine the possibilities that are worse.

But there actually is something worse — one of the candidates will win!

The Libertarian candidates, Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, are already at 10% — and that includes my vote as representing neither Hillary or The Donald. The question is from whom will most of the votes come, Trump or Hillary? 

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