Hope No One is Watching in Britain…

Governments waste. It’s what they do because no one EVER gets fired. Regardless of your errors, you may get demoted with the same pay, or you may get transferred, but you have a sinecure until death. Possibly beyond if the government can find a loophole.

I give you the island of St. Helena, which you may recall is where Napoleon served his famous exile. It is a tiny island off the African coast, with only 3,000 inhabitants. It is also a yearly drag on the British economy, so the Brits decided that if St. Helena could be advertised as a tourist attraction, why…

So the Brits designed and built a £245 million (about $370 million) airport, it would facilitate the tourists, and they did.

It was supposed to open last month, but alas it didn’t, and it won’t. 

It has been mothballed. It seems it was built on a cliff, and with crosswinds and wind shears it has been deemed too dangerous to use.

Those winds shears and crosswinds were there before the airport was built, of course, and no one will lose their jobs…of course.

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