Arm Up!

Once again, no Refugee or Immigrant has committed a terrorist attack!
Once again, it is THE CHILDREN of Refugees and Immigrants that commit terrorist attacks.

Even if we could vet the Refugees properly, there is no way to vet their CHILDREN!

As a person who carried a concealed weapon for decades, I do not favor EVERYONE carrying a concealed weapon, but can you imagine what could have happened in the Pulse Nightclub if one in five patrons was carrying? Heck, one in ten!

There were 300+ patrons in that nightclub! Yes, there would have been collateral damage to innocents if just two or three people had opened up on the shooter, but we would NOT have had 49 dead and five in critical condition.

Most of the, say 30 patrons carrying would have dived for cover — that’s just good instinct — but two or three would have assumed “the stance” and immediately returned fire. Only a few would be in a position to return fire — but the shooter was in a Free Fire Zone! He was in a Guns Forbidden zone. He was in the club for HOURS with no opposition.

This is insanity!

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