Change The Equation!

So long as ISIS can control wide swaths of land, can legitimately claim a “Caliphate” and have great cities under their control, they can make claims and have influence over minds.
When they are just wanderers, scouring grains of sand for sustenance and watching over their shoulders, without electricity much less WiFi, websites, printing presses or mosques, they will have lost influence over anyone.

Let’s get cracking…push them into the desert. This is not a job for Superman, just the US military and about a month…or we can bleed from a thousand cuts.

We are dying a Death of a Thousand Cuts — because idiots inflamed by religion have a “nation” with soldiers, bureaucrats, land, buildings, Mosques, entire cities…

But if they were reduced to riding camels, wandering the desert looking for food Without printing presses, WiFi, mosques, and propaganda, do you think they would still have influence?

Winning breeds followers. Losing is not nearly so macho! 

Hunting is fun, being hunted is scary! 

We need to change this equation!

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