Soft Targets Get Special Attention!

A Gay Nightclub packed with 300+ mostly liberal, probably 100% unarmed, absolutely violence unaware young people!
Radical Muslims must see that as a plum — too good to pass up as a “Soft Target!”

You know who else the Radical Muslims must see as a plum? The Annual Marine Corps Ball, held in many cities around the country.

If you were a Radical Muslim, which would you choose?

Radical Muslims may be crazy, but they are not necessarily stupid!

I just wish a few of those in the Gay Bar had been armed. 

As to 49 dead (so far) — that was a target rich environment, and the police did not breech the walls for four hours!

I carried for 22 years, licensed and concealed: first a .44 S&W (Chief), and then a .380 Walther PPK. (Pulled three times, never fired — as the Trump Card, even a small pistol will calm a situation)

In four hours, unmolested, anyone wishing to do damage could complete the job with a small handgun, reloading casually, a Bren Gun, or a Thompson…four hours…that is one casualty every 30 to 45 seconds. 

Unmolested by armed patrons, or the police, for four hours…there could be 300 dead if no one escaped, and it made zero difference what weapon the Terrorist carried. Don’t get hung up on that! My main weapon of choice now is a ball point pen, and given four hours unmolested I could kill more than 49!

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