Life Hack (Hemphill) 2x

Yes, two life hacks at once.

Last night my mature (8 ft) “Night Blooming Jasmine” (which isn’t a true Jasmine at all), burst its fragrances all over the neighborhood! It was so fragrant that I lay awake for several hours rather than sleeping, and awakened at 3am for another hour of fragrance! The plant is a Cestrum nocturnum, and you will never regret planting this “bush” in your garden.

The plant is easy to maintain, although it helps to prune it annually. Your neighbor’s will appreciate the wafting odor.

Oh, yes, the second “hack” is my “whole house fan” — a Quiet/Cool Brand name) that brings the fragrance from the garden into the house, while keeping us cool at night.

Now, doesn’t that beat another rant about Trump?

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