Liberals and Conservatives

I am really impressed by Greg Gutfeld, and after reading his quote I understand why:
“I became a conservative by being around liberals (at UC Berkeley) and I became a libertarian by being around conservatives. You realize that there’s something distinctly in common between the two groups, the left and the right; the worst part of each of them is the moralizing.”

One of my favorite columnists was Libertarian Art Hoppe of the San Fransisco Chronicle back in the 60’s. I can’t source the quote right now, but he wrote something like, “Liberals know what’s good for you, and Conservatives know what’s bad for you. Between the two, there’s not much to choose.”

Good reasons to be a Libertarian. When the LOS ANGELES TIMES bought my newspaper, their Editor asked my Editor to define the leanings of his columnists. I was described as an “Independent Libertarian” — close enough!

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