BREXIT, 12 Hours Later

Brexit is just the latest in an easily connected series of dots even here in the US, beginning with the Tea Party and going through the defeat of Congressman Eric Cantor, the taking of both Houses of Congress, the dumping of Boehner, and the rise of Donald Trump.
The natives, worldwide, are restless. They are tired of bureaucrats dictating, and they don’t believe they are being heard!

Can you hear me now?

BREXIT is a world changing shout, that has been ignored so long that the pressure cooker just let go in an explosion that cannot be ignored. In my blogs I have always supported BREXIT but never thought it could happen. I believed the polls. Wrong!

I have drawn the parallels between BREXIT and Prop 13, because in both cases the media, celebrities, politicians, and polls never supported that which the people supported, and everyone predicted doom — and in both cases, the people spoke.


Prop 13 turned out to be a boom not a bust. It remains to be seen how BREXIT turns out, but already those who predicted doom are sighing and saying they will muddle through — just as the politicians did in California after having their heads handed to them.

The recently released book “Flyover Nation: You Can’t Run a Country You’ve Never Been To” is about the same BREXIT sentiment here in the US, the fact that this nation is being run by graduates of Harvard and Yale, and THAT is NOT America. 

America is the Kansas University, Rice, Stanford! People in the middle of the nation, just as in Britain, are not being heard. In Britain the Micromanagers in Brussels are concerned about the use of hairdryers and in the US the Micromanagers are concerned about bathrooms!

In Britain, immigration drove the vote, and that is Trumpism’s central theme as well. The leaders in both nations are not listening to the people.

Pitchforks are being sharpened, tar heated and feathers plucked

Britain, OUT!

Britain, OUT,
It was very much like Prop. 13 here in California — everyone was against it but the people!

Just a as in Prop. 13, where the political chattering class promised the closure of fire and police stations, British pols foresaw the loss of jobs, plunging of the stock market, fire, locusts, and the destruction of the world as we know it.

It didn’t happen in California, and we have no clue what will actually happen with Britain but certainly it will not be as bad as the politicians have predicted simply because nations are self-righting. It is in everyone’s best interest to keep it going — they want to keep their jobs!

There will be new analysis by everyone, and everyone must try to get their footing, but one thing is certain — immigration problems were a, if not the driving factor in the vote and it brings immigration to the fore here. Of course there was a great concern with the stifling bureaucrats and regulations coming out of the central EU offices in Brussels. Brussel’s had begun reforms to attempt to address these objections, not only from Britain but other nations as well. 


The votes are still being counted, and no one knows which way it will go in Europe, but regardless, the EU is a Dead Man Walking. If BREXIT wins, other nations will be tempted to consider it.

But for now, Britain is the cornerstone, and if they leave, as the second largest economy in the EU, they can really damage the finances of the EU and themselves…but what is freedom worth?
Freedom of setting your own immigration policies is the key, even as it is in the US. Obama tried to put his thumb on the scale on the side of Britain staying, but the Brits were not impressed.

It will not be easy for the Brits if they leave, because the US will not be kind unless there is a complete administration change in January, but the Brits are resilient.

I hope they leave! I am an Anglophile– only raced British cars, and my own racing car was painted in British Racing Green! My love for Britain has waned with their increasing welfare state but history shows long periods of chaos in every country — the greatest Greek Bronze Age went dark for two hundred years — and perhaps Britain will thrive again.

Next I need to worry about America!