The votes are still being counted, and no one knows which way it will go in Europe, but regardless, the EU is a Dead Man Walking. If BREXIT wins, other nations will be tempted to consider it.

But for now, Britain is the cornerstone, and if they leave, as the second largest economy in the EU, they can really damage the finances of the EU and themselves…but what is freedom worth?
Freedom of setting your own immigration policies is the key, even as it is in the US. Obama tried to put his thumb on the scale on the side of Britain staying, but the Brits were not impressed.

It will not be easy for the Brits if they leave, because the US will not be kind unless there is a complete administration change in January, but the Brits are resilient.

I hope they leave! I am an Anglophile– only raced British cars, and my own racing car was painted in British Racing Green! My love for Britain has waned with their increasing welfare state but history shows long periods of chaos in every country — the greatest Greek Bronze Age went dark for two hundred years — and perhaps Britain will thrive again.

Next I need to worry about America!

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