Britain, OUT!

Britain, OUT,
It was very much like Prop. 13 here in California — everyone was against it but the people!

Just a as in Prop. 13, where the political chattering class promised the closure of fire and police stations, British pols foresaw the loss of jobs, plunging of the stock market, fire, locusts, and the destruction of the world as we know it.

It didn’t happen in California, and we have no clue what will actually happen with Britain but certainly it will not be as bad as the politicians have predicted simply because nations are self-righting. It is in everyone’s best interest to keep it going — they want to keep their jobs!

There will be new analysis by everyone, and everyone must try to get their footing, but one thing is certain — immigration problems were a, if not the driving factor in the vote and it brings immigration to the fore here. Of course there was a great concern with the stifling bureaucrats and regulations coming out of the central EU offices in Brussels. Brussel’s had begun reforms to attempt to address these objections, not only from Britain but other nations as well. 

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