Take Your Regulations And Stuff It!

The EU’s stifling micromanagement was obvious to all when it presumed to tell each participating nation how many Refugees it must take.
Many nations, led by Poland, told the EU to… Well you can guess.

The bureaucrats were known before the vote to be ready to ban certain toasters and tea kettles. The bureaucrats purposely shelved regulations that would impose rules upon toasters and tea kettles — shelved for later after the BREXIT vote. The EU didn’t want to negatively impact the vote, but the newspapers reported the plan.

No one should challenge the British love for their tea, and the EU over-regulators were planning just that. No one is going to exit the EU over tea kettles, but that may have been the final straw. The British, indeed all the members of the EU face similar regulations over every aspect of their lives, much as the transgender bathroom in schools engendered much negative reaction, here.

Of course the campaign for leaving was run primarily on emotion, as most campaigns are, and in this case, unchecked immigration based on orders fro Brussel’s. It’s not that the campaign was wrong, the EU is being overrun by refugees because they celebrate not having them, and there was no indication that Brussel’s had the situation under control or had the interest in doing so. While the liberals celebrate “diversity” it is becoming a plague when it is instituted too quickly.

Angela Merkel is quoted in the BBC as long ago as 17 October 2010, the multiculturalism has “utterly failed,” but she failed to take her own advice, and continued to push multiculturalism not just on Germany but on Britain. Finally the British, who had tried to negotiate reforms, determined that no one was listening.

They heard the Brits finally!

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