Global Chaos is GOOD!

We tend to concentrate on the effect BREXIT has on the stock market, Britain and the Pound Sterling, without taking into account the effect BREXIT has had on the EU.
The EU is scrambling because it may well have been hit below the waterline. It is taking on water fast. There was no contingency plan for BREXIT to pass because pundits, polls and politicians all were positive it would not!

France, Holland, Poland and Greece have Center-Right political parties that are organizing to deal further blows to the Global Order, and although Brussels has yet to admit the possible fates blow, the individual major nation leaders are worried.

The initial reaction was to punish Britain for their cheeky challenge to the Order. On more sober reflection, and a look at the EU bank account showing the bureaucrats are about to lose billions of pounds of income, and attitude adjustment is in order. There is a movement to offer Britain an “Associate” position.

Poland is leading an effort to reform the EU to placate the restless by easing the regulations that are the irritant in the shoes of so many nations. The threat of rebellion against the Order is in order, and it is as if Texas had a serious route to secession — even Obama would have to notice!

Perhaps he already has…the Washington Post headlined “A brutal week for Obama and his liberal vision of an interconnected world”

One can only hope that WaPo speaks the truth!

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