Labeling Precludes Debate

Would someone please tell the Washington Post, indeed all liberals but the Post puts it In print, that not everything that liberals disagree with is caused by racism.
The Post headlines, “The Uncomfortable Question: Was the BREXIT Vote Based on Racism?”

Ahhh…no, as a matter of fact it was not. The Post, indeed most liberals use racism as the default position each time something doesn’t go their way, which is happening more and more often these days.

Labeling opponents “racist” has lost its sting, through overuse.

Of course there are other reasons cited by liberals: Xenophobia is a good standby excuse, and a charge largely overused when patriotism is a more likely reason, but then everyone who is not a virulent globalist is xenophobic to the left.

This sort of extreme labeling is a product of the left, designed to end debate — a debate liberals are afraid they might lose. 

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