Fast Food Reply To $15 Minimum Wage

Finally, it’s happening!
For years I have featured information about Momentum Machines(MM) building a machine that can obviate the need for rising minimum wage!

After making an Internet slash in 2012, the company appeared to be Vaporware but finally, Momentum Machines (MM) is leasing property almost adjacent to the Moscone Center in San Fransisco, and is doing renovations. They have advertised for employees to operate the fast food restaurant, 

The machine custom forms your meat patty to your liking, such as one third pork and one third buffalo, slash the lettuce and tomato, putting your selection of condiments and toasting you bun. This machine can produce 360 custom made hamburgers an hour. Just think of this impact on fast food workers and their minimum wage jobs…and the impact those minimum wage increases had on the introduction of this automation.

There are already machine made peanut butter sandwiches ($2), and Quinoa Salad Bowls, but this will be the first machine attempt at hamburgers. 

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