Local Update

Long weekend for patriotism, or xenophobia if you are a liberal, so it is time for a report from San Diego: Our beaches will be 72 and sunny all weekend. We had 154,000 on the beaches on Saturday and 200,000 expected on the 4th of July, or Monday to liberals. 
As we Diegans know the Zonies (Our friends from Arizona, escaping the overbearing heat) are everywhere. Zonies clog our freeways, but also our rentals, hotel rooms and restaurants. They will be replaced by “Snow Birds” as we call Canadians, in the fall. All is well if they stay out of the fast lanes — on Friday it was moving at a solid 90 MPH. (I love it!)

Our home is 15 miles inland, so our temperatures are 10 warmer, a solid 82 all weekend. We live a placid life, and watch three resident hummingbirds, three butterflies, and two dragonflies amid a tropical forest approximating a home on North Kauai Island.


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