Four Pinocchios is a “Whopper.”

Hillary supporters are strangely quiet these days. And quietly, the Washington Post changed Hillary’s rating of her e-mail claims from two Pinocchios to four Pinocchios. 
Four Pinocchios is a “Whopper.”

That is why Democrats are largely silent. They just want this to move on.

It won’t. It shouldn’t. While Comey said Hillary never lied to the FBI, he listed in detail the lies that Hillary told to the American people — and they are legion! And it is not just Hillary, she lied and John Podesta swore to it, so he owns the lies as well. His credibility is also shot. And Serpent Head as well, but he never had any credibility. There are others, as well who either knowingly or unknowingly repeated her lies.

Hillary has not held a press conference THIS YEAR, and she is not likely to have another one anytime soon — probably a quickly called “Presser” right after a major world event in order to bury the answers. 

Clinton had a really good speech today in front of a closed Trump casino, and, as usually happens, she listed a lot of Trumps’ flaws, which are also legion but they are well known and nothing that will shake TrumpBots, while the Comey press conference shook Clinton supporters into reflection and silence.

Would that it might last, but it won’t. This one will be hard to live down because it has legs

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