Comey Remind Us

I tend to give Director Comey the benefit of the doubt over his refusal to indict Hillary, and leave the political process to work…and he damaged her in his non-indictment and his testimony to the point where the political system could work with rather complete knowledge of her indifference and incompetence.
And Hillary was completely indifferent to national security requirements that tens of thousands civilians and military deal successfully with daily. If there has ever been a more visible case of Hillary not believing that the rules do not apply to her. She knew what the rules were but they were inconvenient 

Rules are inconvenient. Her chauffeur driven limos don’t have to stop for stop lights, she doesn’t have to stand in line at airports, doesn’t have to shop at Von’s and puzzle over what the choices are when there are no English muffins. She never has to deal with balky ATM machines, traffic jams, bottles that won’t open, lettuce that is wilted, un ripe bananas.

Inconveniences are for the Little People. Little people have to follow the rules, the Elite have Body Men, Body Women, Secret Service, Body Guards and subservient staff that are loathe to remind the Elites that there are some inescapably inconvenient rules. Hillary has gone from Harvard to a prestigious law firm to the State House in Arkansas, to the White House, to the Senate to being Madam Secretary of State to Presidential Candidate and Presumptive President without ever filling a car with gas!

And the current President of the United States tells us, and her, that no one has ever been better qualified for the presidency — not George Washington, not Thomas Jefferson, not John Adams, not John F. Kennedy, not even George Bush the Elder.

No one! She is SOMEBODY! That is some heady company!

Obviously, rules are not for such an august persona. She even said that she used a server in her basement for convenience.

Rules are for the Little People!l

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