Work In Progress!

Because I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican, I must make my voting decisions on an expectation of actions on a number of fronts, realizing that I really don’t know.
My primary concern is the safety of the American public, and the American military. Hillary obviously has great experience in this field, but her attitude toward protecting our secrets, and our military leaves much to be desired. She has lots of experience, but gross errors. Were they hers or Obama’s? We don’t know!

Trump has zero experience in foreign affairs. Will he listen to those who really know what is going on? Will he ever listen to ANYONE ON ANYTHING! Will his advisors resign if Trump doesn’t wisteria? We don’t know!

On the economy, Trump gets the nod, and he keeps mentioning getting jobs returned to the US, but does he realize the rapidity with which jobs will disappear? Can he put his business mind around the need to pay those of the soon-to-be “useless class” money NOT to do work. Can either candidate comprehend this HUGE societal change? Yes, this is an enormous business revolution which you would THINK might be Trump’s suite, because Hillary knows nothing of the business and the economy, but we do not know!

Then there is illegal immigration. Not everyone believes this is even a problem, but it is. I have no problem with doubling or tripling legal immigration, which gets college graduates into the country but illegal immigration brings us third grade educated. With disease. The nod here goes to Trump. Trump isn’t going to deport 11 million illegal aliens because each one needs due process and that would take decades, with due process requirements. That is out of his hands, and I suspect he knows that now. 

This analysis is a work in progress.

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